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UniBook for Fixed Route Properties


UniBook Fixed Route systems automate routine customer inquiries and enable your customer service agents to focus on the customers who really need their help. Your operational costs will fall, and your customer satisfaction will rise.

Fixed Route Call-flows and Applications

Transit Call-flows Voice SMS Text Email
Inbound Call-flows
Next-Arrival/Departure, Scheduled check check check
Next-Arrival/Departure, Real-time check check check
Fare Card Balance and Management check check check
General Information check check check
Notification Subscription Manager check
Outbound Call-flows
Emergency Notifications check check  check
Service Disruption Notifications check  check  check
Planned Detour Notifications check  check check
Transfer Availability Notifications check check  check
Surveys check  check  check


UniBook Options


Multi-Modal Systems

A single UniBook system can serve fixed route and paratransit customers. This reduces the system costs and provides a consistent user experience across your entire system.

On-Premise & Hosted Systems

UniBook can be installed on-premise, or delivered as a hosted solution from our corporate data center.

Please contact a UDI sales representative to discuss these options.