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UniBook Passenger Communication Systems:
Valuable Information and Self-Service Whenever Your Customers Want It

UniBook systems automate the routine communications between your customers and transit contact center.  For example, a UniBook system can to do the following time-consuming tasks thousands of times every day:

  • Tell transit customers when the next bus will arrive at a stop
  • Automatically notify transit customers about service disruptions and emergency alerts
  • Remind paratransit customers about their upcoming trips

Automating routine communications increases customer satisfaction and enables your contact center agents to focus on helping the customers who need their help. UniBook systems are used by some of the largest transit and paratransit providers in North America, including New York City Transit, Los Angeles County, and Transdev’s SuperShuttle.


UniBook Benefits

Every UniBook system delivers important benefits that will improve your operations and customer satisfaction:

Speed and Convenience

Because life is short, UniBook focuses on speed and convenience for your customers and staff.

For Customers: UniBook call-flows get to the point by limiting the number of words and menu options. This helps the caller to get the information that they need, quickly and easily. UniBook can also speed up many incoming calls by anticipating the caller’s question and answering it as part of the IVR’s initial greeting. This can reduce the length of an inbound call by 30 seconds or more, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces your operational costs.

For Staff: Similarly, UniBook Reports are designed for non-technical users: they answer your questions with meaningful statistics, simple charts, and details when you need them. Plus, UniBook Reports are web-based, so you can do your job from almost any web browser.


The first UniBook systems served taxi operators. When a taxi operator misses a telephone call, it loses a customer, maybe for life. So outstanding reliability and technical support is essential. UniBook’s reliability comes from three sources: The UniBook platform combines hardware and software from the top vendors in the industry. This gives UDI a depth of resources and support that proprietary systems can’t touch. UniBook’s state-of-the-art applications are architected by a PhD in Speech Technologies. UDI’s rigorous quality assurance program ensures that UniBook’s brilliant applications work brilliantly. If an issue does occur, UDI’s US-based tech support team is available by phone or email, 24/7/365. A trained system administrator will quickly answer your call, and typically resolves the issue during the call.

Flexible and Expandable

The UniBook IVR system is almost infinitely expandable: the number of IVR ports, call-flows, and other capabilities can be easily added to your existing UniBook system. Similarly, your UniBook system can be expanded across transit modes and business units. For example, UniBook can simultaneously communicate with your paratransit scheduling system and a taxi company’s dispatch system. This gives your customers a seamless user experience, regardless of the vehicle they use.

Faster Application Development

UniBook’s graphical call-flow development tools eliminate traditional VXML coding. This dramatically reduces the amount of time and training that’s required to build and maintain UniBook call-flows. The result: lower call-flow development and maintenance costs.