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UniBook for Taxi & Black Car Operators


Automate Passenger Communications

When customers wait for an agent, they're at risk of hanging up and calling another provider.

Automation eliminates wait-times for many customer requests, and reduces hold-times and abandoned calls for many more. Improving the customer experience is a powerful way to protect your customers from the competition.

UniBook is the choice of major taxi and for-hire operators across North America, including 303 Trans, with 24,000 calls per day and 1,100 for-hire vehicles.


Designed for Taxi & Black Car

UDI started in the taxi business, and the original UniBook System was designed specifically for taxi and black car operators.

UDI has the deepest set of integrations for dispatch and PBX systems in the business. From older legacy systems to the state-of-the-art, UDI can quickly integrate with your back office.

As your business grows, UniBook can grow with you. You can add call-flow applications to increase automation and customer service, and increase your call-handling capacity as call volumes grow.  UniBook can also support multiple fleets with unique call-flows and business rules, including paratransit services.

Reliability is essential to taxi and black car operators so quality is built into UniBook from the hardware up. UDI’s US-based technical support team is there 24/7/365 so you're ready to serve your customers.

To learn more about UniBook and contact center automation in taxi and on-demand, please contact UDI Sales.


Taxi / On-demand Call-flows and Applications

Transit Call-flows Voice SMS Text Web Apps
Request a Taxi check check check
Status : Where's My Taxi? check check check
Stale Calls check check  check
Arrival Call-outs check  check  check


Black Car Call-flows and Applications

Call-flow Applications Voice SMS Text Web Apps
Booking (Reservations) check check check
Callbacks (Pick me up now) check check check
Status : Where's My Ride? check check check
Custom Call-flow check check check
Night Before Reminder Calls check check  check
Knock-Offs (Driver-Initiated Call-outs) check  check  check
Custom Call-flow check check check


UDI Partners


check check


UniBook Options


Multi-Modal Systems

A single UniBook system can serve fixed route and paratransit customers. This reduces the system costs and provides a consistent user experience across your entire system.

On-Premise & Hosted Systems

UniBook can be installed on-premise, or delivered as a hosted solution from our corporate data center.

Please contact a UDI sales representative to discuss these options.