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Passenger Communication 

Founded in 2005, Unified Dispatch, also known as UDI, provides passenger communication solutions such as IVR, text, and webchat for public and private ground transportation companies.

We specialize in Paratransit, Transit, Taxi and all forms of on-demand or scheduled transportation.

Our Services

Our Solutions

Providing passenger communciations focused solutions since 2005

UniBook Cloud IVR

Our Cloud IVR solutions, in partnership with Amazon Web Services and multiple carriers, are available world-wide.

UniText Text / SMS

We offer via our cloud an interactive text solution that allows passengers to get the information they need without a phone call.


Based on Amazon's AI and chat bot tools, we offer interactive chat sessions to answer your passenger's questions.


UDI's integration to multiple scheduling and dispatch providers can be used to seamlessly move trips between systems.

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